US Server - Blackgate

About Us

Sky Sanctuary is a newly formed Australian Guild Wars 2 guild. Our aim is to form an interwoven, friendly and well known community that grows alongside the evolution of Guild Wars 2. Sky Sanctuary is made up of gamers - not only MMORPG veterans - but also ardent gamers that are enthusiasts of various genres of video games. Many of our members have an extensive history of gaming background starting from the 90’s - days of SNES and SEGA retro and presently to the latest releases on PC and next generation consoles. A few of us are even interested in game development as a career or hobby. All of us are passionate about gaming and love to discuss the latest gaming news, especially around E3 - accordingly we have very little sleep during that time watching the conferences live.

We are, strictly speaking, a PvX guild that wants to enjoy all aspects of the game with members by our side. By focusing on a specific portion of the game we believe that we would diminish the entire Guild Wars 2 experience not only for ourselves, but as a guild.

We won’t be focusing on PvE, but we will be conquering explorable dungeons!
We won’t be spending all our time in WvW, but that won’t stop us from claiming and defending keeps for our server!
We won’t put all our efforts towards PvP, but we sure as hell will be strategizing team compositions and various builds!

We are Sky Sanctuary!

Current Plan

PvE: Organized Dungeon runs, Meta-events. Mini games or guild created events. We want to do it all!
Structured PvP: Construction of competitive and highly skilled 5 man teams. We want members theory crafting and perfecting builds to help create an epic team composition.
WvW: From forming mercenary groups with hit and run tactics to claiming and defending keeps, we want to make an awesome guild experience in GW2's answer to World PvP.

Joining Sky Sanctuary

Sky Sanctuary welcomes both casual and hardcore gamers alike. We are looking for mature and friendly individuals who are looking for a guild that holds ideals close to our own; or just a place to call home with a group of friendly Aussie gamers. We are not after applicants who will only be an addition to our member count. We believe in quality over quantity.

We will dedicate a large portion of our time towards GW2 to be able to experience and tackle the multitude of content the game has to offer. To participate in more of the hardcore events Sky Sanctuary will be accomplishing (such as Structured PvP and Explorable Dungeons), it goes without saying - actively playing is of the essence. On the other hand do not let that discourage you, we will be organizing events to accommodate everyone!

To make this clear, skill is not a criterion for participation in our events, however please keep in mind you must be willing to be open for advice and criticism when necessary – in return you can trust us in saying we won’t be arrogant and harsh. We believe this is needed to not only grow as a guild, but as a community among our server.

Head over to our recruitment page to apply!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to fill out our contact form.